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The stream of life continues flowing from the time immemorial and so does man’s cultural heritage. It moves on incessantly from generation to generation, gliding eternally through chequered landscapes and assimilating the beauties of hills, dales forests, fertile meadows and desserts en-route-deriving something from everywhere and then, in turn, enriching the soil and total environment with its own rich content to complete this cycle of “take and give and give and take”



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G.S. Sohan Singh Artist Memorial Trust (Regd.)

As is well known, Amritsar is a sacred city of the Gurus, and is the home of Sikh Art. The late Artist G.S. Sohan Singh worked hard, and raised to super-heights this cultural heritage passed on to the masses from generations to generations.”G.S. Sohan Singh Artist Memorial Trust” has been formulated for the preservation and presentation of his major contribution to our cultural heritage. To start off, Trust is planning to set up a memorable Museum at a suitable site in the vicinity of the Golden Temple Campus, Amritsar for the collection of outstanding Art works, related with Hari-Mandir Sahib and Art works of the old Masters as well as contemporary Artists, for display at a site suitably convenient and with in easy reach of all and sundry, to create necessary sense of awareness and pride for the appreciation and revival of our rich cultural heritage among our people.  Apparently, the establishment of the proposed Museum, you will kindly appreciate, is not an easy task apart from other things, it involves tremendous amount of human endeavour as well as lot of solid, open hearted financial support. The Sikh cultural heritage is unfortunately vanishing from the Gurdwaras, Deories, Saris, Havelis, Dharamshalas and Akharas. Time has therefore come for re-tracing and collecting the neglected bits of this heritage, including the lost, glorious Art pieces, historical and ancient Art-Books and other Art items, and bringing and displaying them at one prominent place/Museum to be visited by the masses in large numbers. The project will act as a source of strong inspiration in respect of our rich cultural traditions for one and all. In view of the brief outlines of the aims and objects of the G.S. Sohan Singh’s Artist Memorial Trust, as brought out above, the Management of the Trust requests your good self for wholesome financial co-operation to enable us transform the stupendous idea into a successful, solid matter of fact reality.

Founder Trustee: S. Surinder Singh, S. Satpal singh "Danish", S. Harpreet pal singh(M.Com.), Bibi Kirandeep Kaur(B. com), S. Hardeep Singh(M.Sc.)